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Jason Tonioli

President & CEO
(801) 997-8907 Ext. #707

Favorite Travel Spots: Costa Rica, Alaska, Caribbean, Argentina & Canada

Hobbies: Playing Piano, Coaching Soccer, Being a Dad and Mentoring Others.

Julie Erkelens

CFO & Operations Manager
(801) 997-8907 Ext. #702

Favorite Travel Spots: Southern Utah, Costa Rica, Canada

Dianna Fairbourn

Cruise, Disney and Air Manager
(801) 997-8907 Ext. #703

Lisa Boyko

Costa Rica Sales & Youth Trip Manager
(801) 997-8907 Ext.

Favorite Travel Spots: Colorado, Costa Rica, Grand Canyon

Targan WeHYE-Jones

Youth and Family Adventure Trip Leader & Agent

Favorite Travel Spots: Hawaii, Caribbean, Africa, Amsterdam, Italy, Washington D.C., New York

Travel, Coach & Mentor young people. Podcasting about education and teaching travel tricks for military flights.​

David Faber

Neleh & Kris Nielson

Family Travel Consultant

Adam Miconi

Web & Technology Support

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Team Costa Rica

If you are traveling to Costa Rica, it is likely you will be working with our Costa Rica team from Amazing Vacations Costa Rica. While they are different company, they feel like family to us and we work daily with them to organize trips for families, groups and adventure travelers. You can meet the entire team by clicking here. Or, you can see a few of the key people you’ll likely talk to or meet if you visit Costa Rica. 

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