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We Offer Great Benefits and Perks to Travelers Who Help us Organize Trips
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One of the things that makes travel more fun and memorable is being able to travel with larger group of people you know and like. If you have a small or large group interested in traveling together, talk with us about what options we might have available through our special groups programs. 


Each travel vendor has different requirements for group perks, but oftentimes we are able to secure better pricing for your group cruise, land tour and sometimes even airfare. Each situation is unique, but depending on our options, we may be able to provide a free or discounted cruise, extra on-board amenities to all travelers, and we’ve been know to provide gift cards. 


We love saying thank you to the person who helps motivate their friends, family or corporate group to get out and enjoy a vacation together. We all need to do that more often. 


We believe that if we can use our knowledge and help you save time, take advantage of the numerous hidden discount codes and promos that most consumers don’t know about and help make it super easy for every person in your group get the best possible deal, you’ll have a more memorable vacation. 


We’d love to talk to you about your ideas for a trip and make it happen. 

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Family Group Travel

We can cater both small and large family groups. If you are thinking of a cruise, we can help secure group space on the ship, typically with added amenity perks in addition to providing your family with the “tour conductor” credit that many travel agencies will keep for themselves. If you are bringing a group that qualifies for a tour conductor credit (this means that you have enough people coming to receive a free or partially paid for traveler) then we give this back to you. 

Having the ability to receive the tour conductor credit for your family or group can make a big difference when traveling with a large family.

Talk to us about the various ways we can help you get the best deal for your group and also make it SUPER EASY to book the travel. 

Corporate/Business Groups

Smart business owners use travel as an incentive and goal setting tool for their teams. 

Whether you have a sales team, dentist office or any group of people who you want to focus on achieving a goal for the year, we can help you create a way to announce a future trip for your team and make sure that you lock-in advantageous prices for your cruise or resort with minimal up-front deposits.

Talk to our team about how we can help you structure a program that will motivate and help increase sales or help motivate employees to achieve your business goals for the coming year. 

Educational Travel Groups

We LOVE working with teachers and other special interest groups such as wellness instructors, business coaches and companies create opportunities to combine travel with learning. 

We work with the trip leader to develop a custom itinerary that works best for your unique group. Once the itinerary is finalized, we will provide you with a landing page and other marketing materials needed to help you sell the trip to others. 

We take care of collecting money, communicating, etc. and in most cases the trip leader will be able to travel for free or even have the option to earn additional income from each traveler joining them on the trip. 

Each situation is unique and different so please reach out to us to learn more and talk to us about your trip goals. 

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