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Glenn Rawson

Story Teller & World Traveler

Glenn Rawson worked as a teacher for 30 years but has been a storyteller even longer. For the past 20 years his inspirational stories have been shared on radio programs across the United States. He has authored and published dozens of books on history and led groups of travelers to all corners of the world including Israel, Asia, South America, Europe, and the United States. In a normal travel year Glenn will be on the road leading travel groups as much as 8 months out of the year. In 2020 (before covid-19) Glenn visited Costa Rica on a scouting trip to build what would be the perfect trip for travelers 55 and older. He had visited all the sites and locked in what would be the perfect trip for one of his travel groups. He is super excited to be able to start running his first Costa Rica trips in early 2021 and looks forward to sharing stories along the way about the people, the culture and may most important of all, the history of chocolate.

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Jason Tonioli

Amazing Vacations Co-Founder & "Piano Guy"

Jason spent his first 12 years of his career as a bank marketing director. Since he was in kindergarten, he has been playing piano and has released over 15 albums his music has been streamed more than 100 Million times. In 2012 he chose to exit the banking world and started a consulting firm and software company that focused on helping banks. In 2018 he sold his that company and shortly thereafter started Amazing Vacations with the goal of changing lives of a handful of individuals in Costa Rica. A simple trip with no intention of starting a travel business has turned into a fast growing travel company that continues to focus on helping families and small groups have amazing travel experiences.  You'll find Jason hosting adventure trips as well as cruises or land tours around the world. If you travel with Jason, you'll likely enjoy a piano concert of some kind as part of your vacation, so long as there is a piano available.  He's also a busy dad of 4 kids and volunteers in many soccer coaching and church service roles. 

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Gwen Haycock

Travel Expert
British Isles, Europe, Mexico

Gwen is a well seasoned traveler. She uses her travel experience and knowledge to help novices avoid mistakes. Travel like a pro when you travel with Gwen!

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Brittany Parker

SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) Instructor, guide, and Advisory Board

Brittany, from Rifle, Colorado, is a professional whitewater SUP paddler and river surfer paddling for Badfish Stand Up Paddle. She’s working to grow river surfing and whitewater SUP through her co-owned instructional business RVR 2 RVR. Her love of SUP and river surfing has taken her all over the world, from Japan to Zimbabwe, where she was part of a team attempting the first descent of the Zambezi on boards.

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TC Erkelens

Pioneer Trail Expert

TC has worked as a Seminary teacher for years and helped plan and teach on trail tours for CES Institute and Seminary teachers. After traveling with Glenn Rawson on one of his trail tours, Glenn said, "TC may know the trail and locations better than I do!" If you want to experience the trail, there are few people who can help you experience the locations an stories better than TC!

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Anna Levesque

Mind Body Paddle Guide

Paddler, yogi, wellness coach, and named one of the Most Inspirational Paddlers Alive by Canoe and Kayak Magazine, she’s incredible! The inspiration, empowerment, and zeal for life that Anna brings to her passions creates an unforgettable Week of Rivers in Costa Rica! To read more about Anna’s incredible journey and her empowering organization – check out

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Walter Centeno

Costa Rica Lead

If you are traveling to Costa Rica, it is very likely you will meet or spend several days with Walter. He's the guy that oversees all of our Costa Rica trips and ensures everything goes smoothly.

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Lisa Boyko

Costa Rica & Whitewater Expert

If you are coming on a trip to Costa Rica, you’ve probably talked with and worked with Lisa. A former middle and high school teacher, active raft guide, and a whitewater paddler herself (She kayaks, canoe’s, SUP and rafts). From designing your trip to answering all your “what to pack questions,” her job is to make your pre-Costa Rica vacation effortless. She’s constantly working with our team in Costa Rica to make sure everything goes well for your trip when you come to Costa Rica for your vacation.

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Gordon Cooper

Ronin Empowerment

What is fear costing you? Gordon's seminars help you win the mental game and achieve the "impossible". These events make great group, or team workshop events.

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Future Trip Leader

Interested in being a trip leader?  Have a talent or expertise in an area?  Let us know and you could be on your way to group travel with us!  Reach out today!

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