Literary Tour of Britain with local guide Peter Fagg and tour leader Gwen Haycock

Educate, Entertain, Inspire, Celebrate

Britain- the Isle of history, power, literary genius and dreams.


17 Day

Departure Date April 29th to May  15th, 2023

Starting at $4500.00 est.

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Let local British guide Peter Fagg guide you through Britain on a literary and media adventure to connect with Britain's celebrated authors. This is a rich feast of famous names and places. Follow, listen, see and feel the motivation of pen to paper.

Church History Itinerary

Roslyn Chapel by Emily Crawford on Unsplash

What's Included?

3 Days of Edinburgh Scotland

We will spend the first 3 days enjoying iconic Scotland. While here we will visit places like the Writer’s Museum, the beginnings of Harry Potter phenomena. The old town is the inspiration for Treasure Island, Jekyll and Hyde, the Waverley novels and more. We will get a taste of Harry Potter phenomena, Arthur Conan Doyle and feel a for Sherlock Holmes. We will visit St. Andrews where William Blake, Robert Kirk, King James and many others worked and resided. We then move onto Stirling where Willian Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Roslyn Chapel of the “Da Vinci Code” is located to hear and feel the legacy these authors and freedom fighters have left.

Loveable Lake District, Yorkshire, Peak District and Shakespeare

Our last stop in Scotland will be in Ecclefechan the birthplace of Thomas Carlyle who inspired authors such as Charles Dickens, and Ralph Waldo Emerson. We then get to visit the most popular site of – Gretna Green ( so many weddings).

Our first stop in England is Dove Cottage where we are introduced to William Wordsworth, Roald Dahl. We will visit Wordsworth tomb and enjoy fresh gingerbread.   As we visit Yorkshire we will see where beauty and grit combine as we drive through the moors, Rida a train that has been used in 10 movies. We will also visit the home of the great female authors known as the Bronte sisters. We then will proceed to Pemberly(aka Chatsworth)to see the setting of Pride and Prejudice and visit Haddon hall a middle ages house with Elizabethan gardens and has been the site of “Jane Eyre”, “Elizabeth”, “Pride and Prejudice” as well as “The Princess Bride”.  From here we will head to Stratford upon Avon and see all things William Shakespeare. 

 Magical, Mystical Wales, Roman Ingenuity, Political Prowess

Over the next 4 days we will enjoy the charms of the Cotswolds, trolls in the bathroom, fairy dust and many literary connections. In Cardiff we will visit coal mines, the backdrop for “How Green Was My Valley”, St. Fagans National History Museum. This is one of Europe’s Leading open air museums with over 40 original buildings. While in Bath we will enjoy Georgian architecture, that helped Jane Austen and Charles Dickens conjure up their characters. We will  visiting Lacock, a charming village that created the backdrop to Robinhood, Emma, Harry Potter and many more. We will also journey to Highclere Castle and enjoy the movie set of Downton Abbey. As we arrive in Oxford we will see Blenheim Palace (Churchills Birthplace), We will get introduce to authors the likes of Lewis Caroll, C.S Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien.  We will also hear about Hobbits, Orcs, Lions, Witches and Wardrobes, Haley’s Comet, My Fair Lady and so much, much more. 

Charles Dickens, Canterbury and London as the Finale

In Rochester we will get to know Charles Dickens better as we walk the streets he loved, with an ancient castle and the River Medway. We will see a book that pre dates the Magna Carte, and visit Dicken’s last home in Gads Hill.  The famous Canterbury Cathedral is surrounded by streets that Dicken’s used for his characters to inhabit. Geoffrey Chaucer is another author we get to know while here. The final 2 days will be spent in London visiting The British Library with its plethora of books, visit Sherlock Holmes and 221 B Baker street, sites related to Harry Potter and the Magnificent glory of West Minster Abbey and poets corner. We hope you will join us and allow us to help you fall in love with England and it’s literary prowess.
  •  Lovely Hotels in several cities across Britain as we travel from Edinburgh to London. Breakfast is included. 
  • A Toby Carvery the first Sunday in Edinburgh. 3 additional dinners. 
  • Transportation
  • Entry into historical sites and attractions. 
  • Transfers to and from the airport & hotels
  • Peter Fagg  will be your trip guide, he is a local British guide and historian. 
  • Gwen Haycock will be the trip leader. 
  • Airfare is not included in our pricing.

Gwen Haycock Tour Leader

Gwen had the pleasure and privilege of living in England for almost 7 years and has many fond memories and a love of the country. She loves to travel and share the things she loves with others.

Peter Fagg

Your Guide: Peter Fagg MA, MITG has been guiding groups around Britain since 1995 and has amassed an ever growing knowledge of sites, stories, events and people. He sees British history through LDS eyes and loves finding connections

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