Do I Really Need a Travel Agent?

Many on our travel team today used to laugh at the idea of using a travel agent. 

Our founder worked in banking for nearly 18 years and for five of those years were spent starting a software company. After selling his software company, he had the opportunity to help a group of guides in Costa Rica start their own tour company. During that process Amazing Vacations USA was founded.

Our team was certainly tech savvy and would have always fallen into the category of the type of person who would just book their own trip online. Who needs a travel agent, right?

1. Travel Agents Get Better Deals – Yep, you pay more by going direct to the cruise line…

Once we started learning more about the travel industry, we quickly realized that there are all kinds of behind the scenes perks offered to travel agents that you’ll never find online. We learned that with the right partners, we were able to often beat the online prices you could find on your own yet we would also be able to secure $50, $100 and our record so far has been $600 in additional amenities when it came to cruises. If we had tried to book online on our own, you’d miss out on the additional savings. 

2. Talking with an Expert

As we started helping people with Costa Rica trips, we started to realize the importance of having an expert to help answer questions. Having someone you can call is critical to helping you know what to expect, how to pack, etc. When that expert knows the excursions, location, guides and expected weather, it makes for a much better experience. 

3. Saving Time

Your travel agent will get to know you. When you work with the same person over time, they will know what you like and dislike. They will be able to better suggest destinations that you will love and they can take care of all the logistical planning that can make traveling stressful. Our goal is to make travel easy so that you can enjoy the vacation and not worry about whether or not the hotel you booked online will be good.

4. They Know the BEST and Secret Spots

If you’ve travelled much, you’ve been to places where there are busloads of people that can ruin the experience at certain destinations. When possible, we try to make sure that our travelers get to visit the lesser known, AMAZING spots along the way so you’ll often leave wondering why people haven’t figured out why the crowds don’t know about these places. You’ll likely still want to visit some of the tourist traps, but we’ll do our best to help you know about the secret spots that are still somewhat undiscovered. 

5. Amazing Educations and Trip Leaders

We’ve partnered with some of the most talented and knowledgeable trip leaders. If you are on one of our group trips, our trip leaders take you to the destination. If you are lucky enough to join one of our history or youth trips, you’ll understand what the “Amazing” part of Amazing Vacations is. 

6. One Stop Shopping – Put us to the Test!

Let our team of experts show show you why working with a travel agent can make your next vacation so much more pleasant. Put us to the test and you’ll realize just like our tech savvy founders learned that having a travel agent will save you money, save you time and make for a much better vacation experience.

*2% back is available on Cruises, Disney trips and hotels. Not available on airfare or trips to Costa Rica.

Travel Agents help you get the best deals on cruises

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Our Travel Agents are ready to talk with you and help you plan your next Amazing Vacation. 

Why Use a Travel Agent?

We used to think technology had eliminated travel agents. Well, that’s a myth and if you are still booking direct with a cruise line or other hotel, it’s likely that you are paying more that you would if you were working with our team.